To study the consumer awareness

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What Is Consumer Awareness and Why Is It Important?

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To Study the Consumer Awareness & Perception Towards Packet Chips

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Consumer awareness is a need of present days. Since we are inspired to buy different product through advertisement but many of them are not qualitative product. So, In this article you will find the importance of consumer awareness, rights of consumers.

Consumer awareness refers to the understanding by a consumer of their rights in regards to a product or service being marketed or sold, enabling buyers to get the most from what they purchase. There are four categories in the concept of consumer awareness: information, choice, safety and the right to be heard.

Through consumer awareness they are also made known to the proceedings of laws so that they can solve their problems. 6. Construction of healthy society: Every member of the society is a consumer. The ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study explores these questions — and more — to help you better understand consumers and market your coaching services accordingly.

Commissioned by ICF and conducted by PwC Research, this is ICF’s largest consumer study yet, incorporating 27, responses from across 30 countries. To study the awareness of consumer rights and responsi- sumer. bilities 3. To study the awareness of consumer protection meas- The consumer must be aware regarding his rights and the ures.

available legal measures against exploitation. consumer awareness A person who buys any goods or services for a consideration which has been paid or promised or partly paid and partly promised or under any system of deferred payment is a Consumer.

To study the consumer awareness
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