Piaget and vygotsky case studies

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Learning Theory - Constructivist Approach

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Case Study on Piaget’s Theory

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Jean Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

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The studies of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky demonstrate important theories from their time that are still relevant today. Each of the two theories has similarities but. Piaget and Vygotsky: The Psychology of Cognitive Development - This essay concerns the psychology of cognitive development.

Cognitive development can be explained in terms of the acquisition, construction and progressive change in thought processes such as memory, problem-solving and decision-making that occurs from childhood to adulthood (in Smith, P.K., Cowie, H & Blades, M.

). Jean Piaget () was one of the most influential researchers in the area of developmental psychology during the 20th century. Piaget originally trained in the areas of biology and philosophy and considered himself a "genetic epist e mologist."He was mainly interested in the biological influences on "how we come to know." He believed that what distinguishes human beings from other.

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Vygotsky criticized Piaget’s emphasis on the child’s interaction with the environment, claiming that Piaget ignores the role of social interaction.

Vygotsky, in contrast, sees the child as an apprentice who learns through interacting with others rather than as a scientist acting alone.

Piaget and vygotsky case studies
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