Diagnostic studies

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Diagnostic Imaging

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Medical test

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Medical imaging

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XXIV, No. 2. As a consequence of its premorbid impairments, insidious onset, and relative treatment resistance, childhood-onset schizophrenia (COS) presents clinicians with a number of diagnostic dilemmas and treatment challenges. Diagnostic Studies Every effort is made to provide the highest quality care to our patients.

We offer a wide variety of diagnostic studies in clinic for your convenience. Diagnostic Studies. Repeat business is your livelihood. In a world of templated reports, we help you stand out. IME / Records Review.

We have the tools doctors need to thoroughly review the case and dictate a comprehensive note that will stand up in the courtroom.

Diagnostic Tests

WC / Personal Injury / Auto. Imaging confirms or excludes the presence of gangrenous appendicitis with high sensitivity and specificity.

Radiography is an imaging technique using X-rays, gamma rays, or similar radiation to view the internal form of an object.

To create the image, a beam of X-rays or other form of electromagnetic radiation is produced by an X-ray generator and is projected toward the object. A certain amount of the X-rays or other radiation is absorbed by the object, dependent on the object's density and.

Diagnostic studies
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