Aqualisa quartz case study

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Notes on Aqualisa Quartz Case Study

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Aqualisa Quartz Case September 9 “Plumbing hasn’t changed since Roman times.” The opening quote by Aqualisa sales manager Tim Pestall is appropriate in that although newly built houses are now built with high pressure systems, the rich and long history of UK homes shows that many do not expect much from their “archaic” plumbing setups and may be used for a not so comfortable.

Aqualisa, a major UK manufacturer of showers, had just launched the most significant shower innovation in recent history: the Quartz shower. The shower provided significant improvements in terms of quality, cost, and ease of installation.

Case study Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a better shower Q1. What is the Quartz value proposition to a) consumers b) plumbers? Ans.

Case Aqualisa Quartz

Aqualisa, a U.K. based shower manufacturing Company had launched its premium brand µQuartz¶ in May Aqualisa Quartz - Simply A Better Shower (HBR Case Study) Aqualisa Quartz Case Discussion Quartz Case Discussion Preparation: Harry Rawlinson is managing director of Aqualisa, a major U.K. manufacturer of.


Aqualisa quartz case study
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