A comparative study of policies in

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Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth

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A Local Dimension of Integration Policies? A Comparative Study of Berlin, Malmö, and Rotterdam

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Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis

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15th European Association for Comparative Economic Studies Conference

Introduction Both located in the western end of the Pacific rim, Hong Kong and Singapore. Medical tourism is a growing phenomenon with policy implications for health systems, particularly of destination countries.

Innovation Policies in the European News Media Industry : a Comparative Study.

Private actors and governments in Southeast Asia are promoting the medical tourist industry, but the potential impact on health systems, particularly in terms of equity in.

Now in its third edition, The Defense Policies of Nations has been thoroughly updated to take into account the dramatic developments of recent years: the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the resurgence of East Asian powers, the emergence of newly independent nations in Eastern Europe, the continuing instability of the Middle East, and the growing importance of third world nations in global 3/5(1).

In comparative research about legal and public policy issues, entire nations or sub-jurisdictions may be the "population" of the research.

Randomization is neither justified nor practical. A Comparative Study of Kosovo and Ukraine Authors: Amadio Viceré, Maria Giulia Offers a rigorous empirical assessment of the post-Lisbon institutional dynamics and their effect on the governance of EU foreign and security policy in Kosovo and in Ukraine.

Access to health care for asylum seekers in the European Union—a comparative study of country policies Marie Norredam, Anna Mygind, Allan Krasnik Background: The aim of our article is to characterise and compare current standards of health care provision for asylum seekers in the 25 European Union (EU) countries in order to identify the needs.

A comparative study of policies in
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